Paper Trading Simulator

The Jabba Trading Paper Trading Simulator allows students to practice trading US Equities stock market and Options with virtual currency. This gives our students the ability to learn and gain experience without risking their heart-earned money.

Jabba Trading Simulator

Jabba Trading has build a very robust Paper Trading Simulator platform which provides our students with the most realistic Trading Simulator environment. 

Our Professional Paper Trading Simulator offers REAL-TIME data from NYSE and NASDAQ for instant and swift order executions. 

The data feeds include Level 2, Time & Sales, and Charts as well as News feeds. Unlike other simulators which are based on historical data with 15 Mins delay,  real-time data allows you to practice trading the markets side by side with our instructors and mentors in our Chat Rooms.

The Jabba Trading Professional Paper Trading Simulator platform allows paper trading students to see their metrics and performance. As students use the platform, we monitor trades our students are making, aggregate the data, and provide metrics to help improve their performance.  

Mobile & Web Access capabilities.

Features Our Pro Paper Trading Sim?

Our Professional Trading  Simulator can be use for Stock and Options trading, with web and mobile access, including features like option chains and multi-leg orders for beginner traders, FinTech developers and educators. Jabba Trading Simulator is available for our Jabba Beginner and Jaba Professional Students  enrolled into either of theses Options Educational courses.  Features of our Trading Sim includes the following.

Who Can Benefit From Our Pro Paper Trading Sim?

Our robust trading sim is instantly available for students who subscribe to our premium Options Trading Education courses.  This is to allow  our students  to practice how to trade options with paper money risk free, try new strategies and replicate trades from Jabba and other moderators in the chatroom.  This means you can accelerate your own learning by watching Jabba Trading’s mentors apply the principles from the Beginner Course or our professional course  in real-world trades. 

Jabba Trading’s Chat Room also brings together thousands of fellow traders. This means you will be able to discuss market conditions in real-time and share ideas. The community on Jabba Trading’s platform will accelerate your learning and also creates accountability to stick to your daily goals and your overall strategy.

Jumpstart Your Trading Career

                                 Get instant one month access to our trading simulator for FREE by subscribing to either our Jabba Beginner or Jabba Professional Course today.


+3.4k to the name. I had a few open trade. TWLO, NIO, BABA, Which I sold off earlier today. Still holding ALGN and CMG. 4 out of 5 of these trades I entered through @Jabba guidance. I have a very small account trading with RH, you can see that I have already made 140%plus of my investment so far

Discord UsernameBaldhart

Greetings everyone. Before I joined @Jabba trading, I was already in the market making several mistake here and there. I worked hard at one point and built my account but was reckless enough to fight against the market and let the market almost make me go crazy. I lost alot of money 33k plus :point_down::point_down: screenshot attached below.

Discord UsernameBaldhart

Hello Team, I usually Post Percentage P/L and not Dollar Amount since i know account sizes varies and i don’t want to send out a wrong perception out there, but today i will post PnL so some of you guys can begin to visualize the real powers of Options. About 3 weeks ago, I opened two small accounts, started them with 4K and 7.5K each. Today both accounts are at 11.3K and 40.8K respectively (+52.1K Total or 41.4K in Net Profits Excluding all commissions and fees) all within 3 weeks. If this doesn’t tell you what our fine tuned options strategies can do to your account or what you are capable of doing at Jabba Trading Options Chatroom, then i don’t know what will.

Discord UsernameJabba
I lost 93% of my investment. It was that bad


Then I pulled back and was kinda tired of the market then I ran into @Jabba trading. I wish I had followed and joined his course since last year. But again there is time for everything:ok_hand: just when all Hope’s were lost, I bumped into this very affordable lucrative chatroom idea . It has turned my life around in just a week!


Today I didnt have much of a trade but still very much satisfied with my profit at $2.5k:point_down::point_down::point_down:
Discord UsernameBaldhart
Thank you Jabba…212.5% profit
Still trying to figure out the kinks with this platform and to be honest ….Jabba trading has been great
Discord UsernameNidal

:point_up_2::point_up_2:Incase you missed my biggest Exit last week trading with @Jabba Exiting $SPOT at $4.15 with a 0.60 entry:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: +600% on a single trade. He had to beggggg me to close my position :joy::joy::joy:, I didnt want to thou lol, am glad i took this trade. I keep looking at this and be like:money_mouth::money_mouth::money_mouth::money_mouth:, am so excited and looking forward to a repetition this week

Discord UsernameBaldhart
Last week wasn’t too good for everyone just for motivation I made 1k today :champagne::champagne::wine_glass::wine_glass:. I wanted to close early because the charts didn’t seem like they were moving the right way meaning in my favor but he encouraged and insisted I stay in the trade so I did and it Paid off. I am literally doing a happy dance and drinking wine for real :dancer_tone3::dancer_tone3::wine_glass::wine_glass:.
Discord UsernameDiamond
Note, started from last week thrusday…I will post my final closing amount…if its not really clear…I double my opening balance.
Discord UsernameNidal

Best damn trading group to get involved with. Love the family vibe and honesty. These guys know everything about trading stocks, options, etc., and they are willing to take the time to answer all questions whether you’re a beginner or expert. Thank you!!

I know this because I’ve been with several. Jabba and every single other moderator are true professional traders, and specialists at what they do. I would put Jabba up against any other trading room. The training and the teaching that goes on, in the room, ALL DAY EVERY DAY, not to mention the professional trading courses, and training that comes with the room is second to none. If you are not a member you are either losing money or not making the money that you could be.

What an insane run, tripling my small account during this period. I knew this day had to come eventually. I nailed the washout longs on the front-side. Jabba trading provides a great platform for learning about trading. The head trader and the moderators do a great job and give their effort to help the students succeed. They just finished putting together an amazing full day seminar about all aspects of trading, from small caps to options trading. I’m really grateful for the education that I’m receiving from this channel.

Great learning content and the facilitators I heard .. answered all the questions presented. The content/ topics covered was excellent. Facilitators took topics they are experts in….. their instruction has made a huge payoff (literally) in my knowledge in trading. Thank you Jabba!!

Its the best education I have received and for the price of the course, it’s incredible. It’s more like a family than a trading group its honest and truly cares for each member’s success with the amount of time dedicated to educating every single day to succeed. I have turned my account around from being 3000 down to 500 up yesterday. Planing to get the life membership before my year membership expired. I worked in construction and I’m already making the same as my day job and looking forward to quitting that 8-4 forever.

This is the place you want to be if you are planning on learning the stock market and options. The Jabba family is very helpful and want you to learn. The resources they have and the educational tools are phenomenal, I spent a long time searching for the best to go with and wish I had joined sooner. Don’t waste any more time, signing up today!

Best trading group/ Family. I have been trying to learn how to train and being able to protect my investment. Jabba has taught me about risk management and to wait for a better set ups. Patience is the best tool that a trader should have and Jabba will teach you that.

I was tired losing money in the market, throwing darts on a board, and having no guidance. Now with Jabba trading I am finally making money and having a portfolio balance that keeps growing steadily. When I have had bad trades with Jabba it’s only because I have refused to think I was wrong and lost more money than I needed to. With Jabba the loses are smaller and the gains are more consistent and larger! Thank you to all the moderators at Jabba!

Jabba really truly can be part of your family. Sure I had to wait to join, but it’s true, Jabba trading will teach you how to become a consistently profitable trader. It’s really all up to you. Stop losing your hard earned money and take real lessons, from experts, in real easy to understand, play by play commentary, and explanations, in real time on screen. I finally feel like i’m in the right place to put my trading on the right path to my own personal freedom. BOOM !

I just had my to date best trading month ever, just want to say thanks and acknowledge how you all the mods and other members have helped me on my trading path. Every sing day I have learned at least 1 new aspect on trading and most days multiple new concepts and ideas to be able to do this successfully. I am so grateful to be here

I joined Jabba Trading after less than 2 days of knowledge about the group. I initially enrolled in the 1 month membership – then upgraded to one year membership after one day inside the chat. Jabba is an outstanding community and has made trading a larger part of my life since joining. Thanks Jabba Trading and thank you Jabba!

The education is great, observing the great traders is great, I work, so I cant listen to them speak in the chat room, just see the updates and the posts, sometimes more insight is given on a trade verbally, if they can figure out a way to capture the audio for those of us at work or have hearing issues, it would be great, overall highly recommended!

I know next to nothing about Trading, but I am very confident that will all change by the end of the year thanks to the team of Jabba Trading . I highly recommend Jabba Trading  to anyone who would like to gain knowledge of Trading and add to there bank account

I am new to trading and have been enjoying the educational process. The trader terrain was awesome thank you guys for putting in the hard work. I’m still learning and still struggling with everything so far it’s a little overwhelming but I’m trying to improve every day. Thank you for being in my corner to help and support my education process. I bought the program for the reason that I thought I could lose $1000 trying to figure this out myself or I could really try to learn something from experts and make $1000 much quicker.

It’s a great group, they are wanting to help you make money, I’ve only been a part of the Jabba Trading for 2 weeks. I have watched and even taken some of their trades too. Their swing trades are far and few apart and some of the option trades are for taking immediate profit. You watch them make money and it’s real  The trading classes are Great, I recommend you all to try it out too.

This is literally the best membership you can buy! The courses are so clear, and not filled with empty words! To the point, clear, confident, and it’s a fresh thing compared to other membership communities! I’m a member for 3 days, I’m GULPING the courses and it shows me exactly where i went wrong and I know exactly on what to work! I recommend buying, the yearly fee is WORTH JUST IN COURSES, and we also have the daily trading with the community!

Best trading service I have come across. Not only a great family atmosphere where everyone is helpful but they also offer an unmatched education program. I have spent more money on other services that did not offer 10% of what they offer here. I look forward to becoming a lifetime member as I am very pleased & impressed with Jabba Trading. Thanks again & good luck trading.